Friday, June 7, 2013

Housing News for June 2 - 7, 2013


June 19, 2013, Canadian CED Network


Winnipeg Free Press, June 7, 2013
Renting a rundown rooming house unit? An apartment with broken appliances? A bedbug-infested bungalow? You could be a winner in Manitoba's first Worst Home Welfare Funds contest.

Winnipeg Free Press, June 6, 2013
The bedbugs that plagued the Smith Street tower are mostly gone. The apartments are getting a facelift and programs such as the meal service and the foot-care clinic are really helping the building's aging residents.

Winnipeg Free Press, May 24, 2013
HOME ownership is becoming less affordable in Manitoba and rising house prices are to blame, according to a new report from the Royal Bank.


The Canadian Press, Jun 3, 2013
The mayors of Canada's largest cities say there is a growing housing crisis across the country, with many people unable to buy homes because of record-high household debt, new economic realities and changing demographics. 

CTV News, June 7, 2013
A federal program that helps people living in affordable housing with expenses may be coming to an end and that could spell disaster for thousands of Canadians.

Toronto Star, Jun 3, 2013
Affordable home ownership contributes to more confident children who do better in school, a study by Canada’s national housing agency being released Monday finds.

Wall Street Journal, Jun 4, 2013
Cities across the U.S. and Canada are liberalizing their zoning ... are smaller and cheaper—helping cities create more affordable housing.

Calgary Herald, Jun 6, 2013
Members of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada are holding meetings in Calgary this week to address potential solutions to the loss of a housing subsidy that helps maintain infrastructure and keep living costs down.

Toronto Star, June 3, 2013
Low-income households to be offered a break, including $150 computers, courtesy Rogers, Microsoft and Compugen.

Globe and Mail, Jun 4, 2013
In a new presentation, Andrew Sharpe, executive director of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, explores five little-known economic developments in the country.

Globe and Mail, May 22, 2013
While the effect of home ownership on the economy is watched with X-ray vision, the rental market is pretty much ignored. This despite the fact that a full third of Canadians are renters, many of them students and newcomers whose journey to stability is made difficult by crowded living situations and constant moving., May 9, 2013
The story of child poverty in Canada is very much an urban story. One out of every 10 children living in urban areas was poor in 2010, compared to one in 20 children living in non-urban areas.

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