Friday, August 23, 2013

Housing News for August 18 - 23, 2013

Winnipeg Free Press, August 17, 2013
Downtown BIZ outreach worker offers help to city's homeless

August 17, 2013 Brandon Sun / Winnipeg Free Press
For residents on a fixed income, Sparks said this land purchase is another blow to Brandon's ongoing affordable housing market issue.

CTV News, August 17, 2013
“It's really hard to get Manitoba Housing and you only get $287 from welfare for rent," said Marianne Cerilli of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg.


Does social housing hurt property values? 

CBC Edmonton, August 23, 2013
A supportive housing complex proposed for the Terwillegar neighbourhood of Edmonton continues to attract controversy.  About 600 people packed a meeting on Thursday night to express their concerns about safety and what they feel is a lack of information provided to the community.

How 'affordable housing' became an oxymoron 
Globe and Mail, August 22, 2013
Housing was just barely affordable before mortgage rates started climbing earlier this summer. Now, with the popular five-year fixed rate up roughly two-thirds of a percentage point or more, the costs of buying a home are rising out of reach for a generation of first-time buyers with stagnant after-inflation incomes and mixed job prospects.

Waterloo Record,  August 19, 2013
Riding public transit during an all-day fundraising challenge to support local affordable housing was an eye-opener.

CTV BC, August 14, 2013
The City of Vancouver is examining lock-off suites as a new way to help offset the high cost of housing. The concept lets condo owners securely rent a portion of their suite to help pay the mortgage. 


The Atlantic Cities, August 14, 2013
The 72-unit Domenech is one of 16 buildings around the city operated by Common Ground, a nonprofit dedicated to providing supportive and affordable housing for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless. All the residents here are seniors.

Los Angeles Times, August 4, 2013
The mixed-use project in Watts calls for up to 1,800 stylish apartments, as well as chain stores, park and garden. The size of the project depends on government grants.

Other Urban Stuff

The Atlantic Cities, August 21, 2013

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