Friday, July 19, 2013

Housing News for July 14 - 19, 2013


Winnipeg Free Press, July 19, 2013
Rooming houses have been a problem for decades, their slow decline documented for years. Now, the NDP government has done what it does best: formed a committee.

CBC News, July 18, 2013
City of Winnipeg is enticing people to buy condos in the Exchange District by offering a $10,000 forgivable loan.

Winnipeg Free Press, July 18, 2013
City hall has effectively doubled down on a gambit to increase downtown Winnipeg's residential population, heaping a condo-buying incentive on top of a pre-existing program that offered incentives to condo and apartment developers.

Winnipeg Free Press , July 18, 2013
It's nearly impossible to get a mortgage to buy a rooming house in Winnipeg, making it unlikely a landlord can do anything but flip his property into something too fancy for most poor people.

Winnipeg Free Press, July 17, 2013
For the last two years, city firefighters have lacked the manpower to routinely inspect rooming houses. But this fall, house-by-house inspections are expected to begin again, which could trigger a surge in the number of rooming houses ordered closed for violating the fire code.

The Albatross, July 17, 2013
The City of Winnipeg recently unveiled a controversial plan to turn what is currently an underpopulated section of downtown into a residential neighbourhood.

Winnipeg Free Press (Op Ed) July 17, 2013
On any given night, thousands of Winnipeggers languish in ramshackle housing, line up at shelters or sleep in our streets and alleyways.  This situation is not limited to Winnipeg. Homeless Hub estimates 30,000 Canadians are homeless every day. How can it be that in such a prosperous country we continue to struggle to house those most in need?

Winnipeg Free Press, July 16, 2013
At a whopping 27 rooms, the Furby Street house dwarfs many apartment blocks in West Broadway. For local housing activists, it's a niggling worry that Fulham might one day flip the house, putting two dozen people on the street.


Ottawa Citizen, July 17, 2013
At 584 sq. ft., GennyY House is among the city’s smallest homes


The Atlantic Weekly, July 18, 2013
Housing models that have long been banned in American cities could help make them affordable again.

Los Angeles Times, July 12, 2013
Amazingly, the same people and politicians leading the charge against developers trying to build badly needed homes in the Los Angeles region are also the ones who complain that the highways are too crowded, who rail that their children cannot afford a home in their neighborhood and wonder why some businesses choose to leave for other destinations.

The Guardian, July 16, 2013
The Guardian, July Regulation currently prevents housing providers from playing a greater social role, but a revamp could make the difference


The Atlantic Weekly, July 18, 2013
Not only did Aesch keep his pledge not to raise fares, but in 2008 he actually lowered them. By the time he left the position, at the end of 2011, Aesch and his creative approach had transformed Rochester's bus system into a total winner.

Whitehorse Community Cable
People don’t wear bike helmets often enough because they’re bulky and ugly. Not so with the Closca, a newsboy-inspired collapsible helmet currently taking pre-orders on Kickstarter.

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