Friday, August 2, 2013

Housing News for July 28 - August 2, 2013


Brandon Sun, August 1, 2013
Brandon University’s president is optimistic that a plan to develop non-profit housing units for mature students will go forward.  Deborah Poff said the university will be meeting with Manitoba Housing officials on Aug. 20 to see how to proceed with the project.


The July 30, 2013
The family-oriented social housing complex in Vancouver’s Fairview neighbourhood is set to be replaced with market rental suites priced above the reach of most of the current tenants.

Canadian Medical Association Journal,  August 1, 2013
Participants in an online consultation and six town hall meetings held in cities across the country last winter and spring identified income as the top factor influencing health, and stressed the federal government's obligation to ensure adequate housing, nutrition and proper early childhood development for all Canadians.

Axiom News, August 01, 2013
The idea has enormous potential and I worry stereotypes will get in the way of further developments: women’s society CEO

Huffington Post (Gino DIstassio) July 26, 2013
Is there a simple solution to such poor quality housing? Perhaps we could start by shutting down as many of these godforsaken places as we can. But, as others have pointed out, closing rooming houses and other marginal forms of shelter -- even the poorest

The Telegram, July 30, 2013
A Canadian Medical Association report, based on information obtained from town hall meetings held across the country, suggests fighting poverty and offering more affordable housing options will benefit the health-care system.

The Globe and Mail, Jul. 26 2013
This lot is going to be the home of Zoe’s future school, if all goes well – the first hyper-urban school Vancouver has ever built, four storeys high, shoehorned in next to the condo tower where the Balls live and across the street from the arena that is home to Canucks games.

The Mainlander, July 23, 2013
Last week the City of Vancouver released its draft report of the Local Area Plan for the Downtown Eastside. Reviews of the report have been mixed. While the city’s planning director Kevin McNaney calls it “innovative, aggressive and achievable,” the Carnegie Community Action Project characterized the draft report as “a recipe for displacement.”

Simon Fraser University Conversations, June 6, 2012


The Atlantic Cities, July 25, 2013
Your perception of any city or neighborhood is largely determined by things you can't quantify, like the vague feeling that a place just seems friendly, or clean, or well-lit. So much of our experience of cities is subjective like this. 

Los Angeles Times, July 27, 2013
A 'toxic tour' past rail yards, smokestacks and refineries aims to show officials the consequences of their decisions in low-income, predominantly Latino communities in southeast L.A.

The Atlantic Cities, January 2013
If the American-style shopping mall is dying, we could easily be left with an awfully big pile of useless real estate. What should become of these empty retail shells?  In fact, some innovative ideas are already emerging. Across the country, malls are being retrofitted into doctor's offices, office space, and call centers. But some developers are taking a more creative approach.

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