Sunday, July 14, 2013

Housing News for July 8 - 14, 2013


CBC News, July 12, 2013
A local expert says the Spence neighbourhood's decline in the number of rooming houses over the past 10 years is a crisis.

Winnipeg Free Press, July 12, 2013
Despite their bad reputation, though, the dwindling number of rooming houses combined with the paucity of decent rentals for the very poor is the most pressing housing problem in the inner city.

News Release, July 10, 2013
A new co-op housing development in Brandon Manitoba will provide quality and accessible accommodation for low-to-moderate income seniors.


Media Release, July 10, 2013
With affordable housing limited for Calgary's most vulnerable citizens, the Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA) and the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) are partnering to match private landlords with social service agencies trying to find housing for their homeless clients.

Edmonton Journal, July 9, 2013
Alberta’s auditor general says the province must do a better job monitoring its $1.1 billion signature affordable housing initiative to make sure it meets the needs of low-income Albertans.


Planetizen, July 12, 2013
More and more local governments are adopting complete streets policies. But gaps in implementation in these places suggests that the building of actual complete streets is dependent on a true culture shift. Angie Schmitt looks at the obstacles.

Inside Housing July 10, 2013
Social landlords should help tenants save money by allowing them to overpay their rent and shifting the excess into a separate account, according to a report published today.

Twin Cities Daily Planet (blog), July 9, 2013
It’s become increasingly important to factor the transportation costs of a neighborhood into cost analyses because even if a housing unit itself is cheap, any perceived savings may be lost in the spending associated with driving a car to commute, well, everywhere.

Rooflines blog, July 3, 2013
Can affordable housing developers shift the NIMBY discourse by joining forces with market-rate developers of adjacent properties?  A fascinating story of NIMBYism diffused in the Union Square neighborhood of Somerville, Mass., suggests they might.

Better Cities and Towns, July 2, 2013
The nation has a huge quantity of “Leave it to Beaver” neighborhoods from the postwar housing boom that are ripe for changes that will make them more walkable and appealing to new generations of residents.

Note this is the U.S. arm of TD, not Canada’s. I thought it was interesting.

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