Sunday, July 7, 2013

Housing News for June 28 - July 7, 2013


Winnipeg Free Press (Op Ed), July 7, 2013
Behind the jargon and day-to-day un-sexiness of zoning and neighbourhood planning, there is a war being fought at City Hall between planners and councillors. This is a war over the direction the city will take in the coming decades.

Winnipeg Free Press, July 6, 2013
It's not always the fault of the homeless they end up on the streets, said the United Way of Winnipeg in announcing it has set up a task force to find places for thousands of Winnipeggers to call home again., July 4, 2013 
Marie Rose Place is slated to open in downtown Winnipeg in July 2014.

CTV News, July 3, 2013
Three rooming houses in the West End were named the winners of the “Worst Home that Welfare Funds” contest.

CJOB News, July 3, 2013
Three West End Rooming houses have been given the top three "awards" in the "Worst Homes Welfare Funds" contest.

Winnipeg Free Press, July 2, 2013
In the home lottery sweepstakes, the big losers are winners of the Worst Home Welfare Funds contest.


Globe and Mail, July 8, 2013
Major players in British Columbia’s home-inspection sector will take the first step this week toward overhauling qualification requirements for inspectors that some have called “woefully inadequate.”


Transportation Nation, July 03, 2013
Critics say that drivers will have to circle more to park -- but the city's top planning official says the current code doesn't work.

The Guardian, Jul 5, 2013
In London, only the rich can now afford to buy. Yet nothing is more central to human flourishing than a secure, decent home

This Big City , June 28 2013
The BIQ building, which contains 15 apartments, opened its doors in April. Its main source of energy is heat recovery, capturing energy not used in photosynthesis from the bioreactor solution. The fa├žade also acts as a natural thermostat: thick algae growth in the summer keeps the sunlight out.

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