Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 28 - October 4, 2013


WRN's Community Advisory Forum
October 11, 2013, Millennium Library 

WRN's Landlord Advantage Series: Limiting Liabilities
October 19, 2013, Cindy Klassen

MNPHA Affordable Housing Conference
November 21 and 22, Victoria Inn Winnipeg


Top green nods for affordable homes Habitat units get best certification for efficiency 
Winnipeg Free Press, September 30, 203
It's one of the greenest affordable-housing developments ever built in Canada, and the low-income Winnipeg families living there are reaping the benefits.

Developer laments costs of business in Winnipeg
Winnipeg Sun, October 02, 2013
Michael Falk, vice president of Terracon says the city has removed several requirements that would have prevented the company from building affordable housing.

Bylaw amendment puts the heat on landlord scofflaws October 1, 2013
In a misguided effort to save on costs, there are some landlords in Winnipeg who refuse to provide adequate heat. Last year, there were 300 heat related complaints to the City of Winnipeg.


The State of Homelessness in Canada 2013 
Report and poster in pdf format

Community plan should renew, revitalize, normalize Downtown
Vancouver Sun, October 4, 2013
Meanwhile, Vancouver should continue to encourage other neighbourhoods to develop low-cost and social housing options, to diminish forces that have led to the Downtown Eastside's ghettoization.

New affordable housing targets skilled workers, not the poor 
Global Saskatoon, September 29, 2013 
A new affordable housing development “Hartford heights” has officially opened in Saskatoon. The complex has the most energy-efficient rental units in all of Canada.

Could a property-tax break revive mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton?
Edmonton Journal, October 3, 2013
Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, however. So in 1999, city council came up with a bold incentive plan to trigger new residential development in the downtown core.

The developer who wants to make Canadian housing affordable
The Globe and Mail, September 26, 2013
Daniels Corp. It’s run not by a central-casting developer but by a onetime social-housing activist and part-time musician, Mitchell Cohen.


UK: Housing philanthropists: where are they today? 
The Guardian, October 2, 2013
Peabody, Rowntree and Guinness funded enormous projects to house the poor. A new report calls for that tradition to be revived.

USA: When Are Micro-Apartments Just Way Too Micro? 
The Atlantic Cities October 2, 2013
Tiny homes can be a space for brilliant innovation. They can make those of us just in it for eye candy reconsider what's truly essential in our own living spaces. They can also, on a practical level, help make city living more affordable for many people.

UK: Census study reveals the depth of housing crisis building homes  
The Guardian, September 19, 2013
England requires 245,000 new homes a year to keep up with demand, according to to recent population research.


The Growing Public Safety Inequality Gap in Chicago, October 2, 2013
Take a look at the two maps below. Like the captions say, the one on the left shows homicide rates in Chicago by police district in the early 90s, when crime was at its peak, and the one on the right shows the same thing, but about two decades later. 

Sometimes When Violence Strikes, It Can Be Easy to Overlook What Went Right 
The Atlantic Cities, October 2, 2013
A stabbing attack in New York's Riverside Park acts as a reminder about the way cities really work.

USA's First Non-Profit Supermarket Opens in Chester, PA, a Food Desert for 12 Years
Next City, October 2, 2013
The new market comes courtesy of Philabundance, the Philly metro area’s largest food bank. While other non-profit grocery stores have popped up in cities in like Portland and St. Joseph, Mo., Fare & Square distinguishes itself as a 16,000 square-foot, full-scale market. The store is not a co-op, and there are no salary requirements for purchase or membership.

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