Friday, December 20, 2013

December 14 - 20, 2013

The Fontana Apartments opened in November 1913 on Spadina Avenue (now Stradbrook). Here's a look back at some of the people who have called it home over the century.


A wonderful Christmas idea from the people at Crossways in Common:  The three churches that sponsor West Broadway Community Ministry, Young United, Home Street Mennonite and All Saints Anglican, are holding this event . On Christmas Eve, people will gather at Crossways at 6:45 and go out in search of affordable housing for the 'baby Jesus’. 

They will be singing on the way and in the end will be welcomed into Young United/West Broadway at 7:30. They would welcome anyone who would like to join them.

Breaking News !

Evan Siddall Appointed New President and CEO of CMHC
News Release, December 20, 2013

Ottawa names former investment banker as new CMHC chief executive
The Globe and Mail,  December 20 2013


Affordable housing for Transcona
Winnipeg Sun, December 16, 2013
All three levels of government were on hand Monday to announce funding for a new 92-unit rental housing project in Transcona.  The unique rental housing concept, located at 840 Ravelston Ave., will enable families to support an aging parent or relative in need of care.

Governments of Canada, Manitoba and Winnipeg Invest in New Affordable Housing
News Release, December 16, 2013
A new 92-unit rental housing project in Winnipeg will provide safe, affordable homes for low-income families and seniors. The unique rental housing concept, located at 840 Ravelston Avenue in Transcona, will enable families to support an aging parent or relative in need of care.

Affordable housing development coming to Transcona
Canstar, December 16, 2013
The Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (WHRC) is making inroads outside the inner city.

Province Creates New Financial Incentive for Construction of Affordable Rental Housing
News Release, December 11, 2013
The Manitoba government’s new construction tax credit is now available and is expected to help private developers build more affordable rental housing for low-income households, Finance Minister Jennifer Howard said today.

Low-income social housing residents anxious as Ottawa ends subsidies
Canadian Press, December 18, 2013
Social housing advocates fear much of Canada’s existing co-op housing could vanish if the current federal funding level of $1.7 billion a year dries up once the long-term operating agreements expire between Ottawa and affordable housing operators.

Affordable housing plan not working, says mayor
CBC News, Dec 16, 2013
The federal government's recent approach to funding affordable housing is doing little to help Prince Edward Islanders who need it, says Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee.

A different kind of housing boom: Capitalizing on the energy sector’s demand for modular homes
Financial Post, December 9, 2013
RCM specializes in building modular worker accommodations and commercial residential buildings.  Projects include camps for majors such as Goldcorp, Rio Tinto, Hydro Quebec and Detour Gold, as well as retirement homes in the east coast of the United States.


U.K. Pocket-sized flats provide a start for the young first-time buyer 
The Guardian, December 18, 2013
Pocket develops London flats that sell at a 20% discount and remain affordable forever – as long as you are prepared to sacrifice space. Is this the future for first-time buyers?

U.S.A. Where the Renters Live Now
The Atlantic Cities, December 18, 2013
The U.S. Census Bureau maps the homeownership rate of every neighborhood in America.

U.S.A. Tracking Baltimore's Slumlords (Video)
The Artlantic

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