Friday, December 13, 2013

December 8 - 14, 2013


Royal Albert Arms Hotel ca 2007  
When the Royal Albert turned 100 on November 3rd it was a sad occasion as the SRO hotel has spent most of the last three years closed. With the recent ownership dispute settled, the future may be looking up. For a look back at "the Albert's" 100 years.


Urban Idea Exchange
West End Cultural Centre, January 23, 2014


Brandon opening new emergency homeless shelter, December 10, 2013
A new emergency shelter has opened in Brandon, Man., on Tuesday, after city officials, businesses and individuals teamed up to help the city's homeless.

Centennial gets new condo building
Winnipeg Free Press, December 3, 2012
The Centennial community received a welcome addition to its neighbourhood last week with the opening of a new condo building at 422 Ross Ave.


Canadian real estate most overvalued in world, study says
CBC News, December 13, 2013
Real estate prices in Canada are the most overvalued in the world, according to a new study from Deutsche Bank, which estimates homes in the country are valued 60 per cent too high.

Privatizing CMHC would weaken banks, leave economy vulnerable
The Financial Post, December 12, 2013
Any move by Ottawa to privatize or even tinker with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation would weaken the Canadian banking system and put the economy at risk, the chief executive of Toronto-Dominion Bank said in an interview Thursday.

A Tale of Four Canadian Cities…and Their Housing Markets
Wall Street Journal (blog),  December 5, 2013
The outlook for the housing market is remarkably different across Canada’s biggest cities. In a report, Sal Guatieri, senior economist at Bank of Montreal, takes a look at how the housing market in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal fared in 2013, and might fare next year.


USA Homelessness, hunger climbing in U.S. cities, mayors' survey says
Los Angeles Times, December 11, 2013
Officials are worried about recent cuts to food stamps and by the new congressional budget deal, which does not renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. 

S AFRICA Undoing the Spatial Legacy of Apartheid Tuesday
Planetizen, December 10, 201
In manicured neighborhoods for white residents and their "shriveled twins" for black residents, South Africa's nearly 50 years of Apartheid was imprinted on the nation's built landscape. To what extent was Nelson Mandela able to right these wrongs?

USA 50% + of American Renters Spend at Least 30 % of Their Income on Rent
Next City, December 10, 2013
We often talk about various academic studies and reports here at Next City, but these findings pose a problem that has escalated over the last decade with no end in sight.

UK How America and France increased affordable housing supply
The Guardian, December 9, 2013
Tax incentives have dramatically boosted the number of affordable homes. Why doesn't the UK follow suit?

UK The seven housing problems that most affect your happiness
The Guardian, December 9, 2013
 People dramatically overestimate the impact space has on their happiness, but what really makes us miserable at home?

USA How the Poor Are Squeezed Out of the Most Affordable Housing
The Atlantic Cities, December 5, 2013
Back in 1970, America actually had more affordable housing for the poor than poor people who needed it .. Over time, that surplus dwindled. Then it turned into an affordable-housing shortage. And then the shortage grew, pushing more and more people at the bottom rung of the housing market out of housing all together.


USA Healthful living may soon be built into new communities
Los Angeles Times, December 8, 2013 in Los Angeles Times
An Urban Land Institute report examines how urban design and development can contribute to living environments that help residents thrive.

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