Friday, February 7, 2014

February 1 - 7, 2014


A history of the now "dry" The St. Regis Hotel on Smith Street.


Federal government's new Housing First Approach site.

UBC affordable housing program targets top academic talent
UBC (Media Release), Feb 4, 2014
The University of British Columbia's Board of Governors has approved two pilot home ownership options for faculty to improve the university's

Low-income Canadians about to feel affordable housing crunch
CTV News, Feb 5, 2014
Affordable housing stakeholders are sounding the alarm about the end of federal subsidy agreements.

Federal budget must address Canada's housing crunch: FCM
Global News, Feb 5, 2014
“We need a partnership to address Canada’s housing crunch, which is the most urgent financial issue facing Canadians today, and we cannot afford to wait any longer,” said Dauphin.

Affordability of Toronto Housing Is a Matter of Debate
Wall Street Journal (blog), Feb 5, 2014 
According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, it is.

Rethinking the home ownership dream, Feb 4, 2014
If Canadians have a preoccupation these days, apart from the winter weather, it seems to be real estate. Specifically: the ever-rising prices.

CFMS calls upon Government to ensure Canadians have access to housing and medical care
News Release, Feb. 3, 2014
The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) is bringing tomorrow's physicians to Parliament Hill for its annual Lobby Day. Medical students from Vancouver to St. John's will meet with Members of Parliament and Senators to discuss strategies to ensure that all Canadians have access to two important determinants of health: adequate and affordable housing and medical care.

Housing First policy could help end homelessness in Saskatchewan 
Regina Leader-Post, Jan 31, 2014
Saskatchewan has the potential to end homelessness, says housing expert Tim Richter, president and CEO of Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.


U.K. UN report on the UK housing crisis is a wake-up call for us all
The Guardian, Feb 7, 2014
However, the report goes farther, signalling long-term challenges for the UK's housing and welfare systems. It amounts to a damning indictment of the crisis in our housing system – which makes it particularly disappointing to hear that ministers and government departments have dismissed it so quickly and using such uncomplimentary language.

U.K. 'Affordable housing' does not mean what you think it means
The Guardian, Feb 3, 2014 
Beware of politicians talking about affordable homes. New 'affordable' housing is not actually that affordable.


Report Favours Razing Portion of Toronto's Gardiner Expressway 
The Torontoist, February 6, 2014

The Town That's Building Life Around Sleep
The Atlantic Cities, Feb 6, 2014
The way society is organized means that most of us don't sleep when our bodies naturally want to. A small town in Germany wants to change that.

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