Friday, February 21, 2014

February 15 - 21, 2014

PLACES Though it wasn't affordable housing by any means, 1021 Wellington Crescent burned down earlier this week. I take a look back at the families that called it home over the decades.


Before we shelve the report
Winnipeg Free Press, February 18, 2014 (OpEd by Clark Brownlee)
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the federal government's decision in January 1994 to withdraw completely from the provision of long-term funding for new social housing. This decision in itself has deprived some of the most vulnerable Canadians of homes.

Learning from Manitoba's unique approach to community development, February 20, 2014 
Manitoba's homegrown approach to community development is being studied by other cities looking for ways to deal with the complex challenges of poverty and social exclusion.


The State of Housing In Canada - Inforgraphic

Vancouver Real Estate: Vacant Jail Turned Into Affordable Housing
Huffington Post Canada, February 17, 2014 Vancouver's latest stab at innovative and affordable housing (after laneway homes and shipping container homes) comes in a more unexpected form: a jail.

City seeks more information on Regina's housing situation
 Regina Leader-Post, February 19, 2014 
Today the City of Regina is hosting a Housing Roundtable in support of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Fixing Canada's Housing Crunch campaign.

Mayor Nenshi: issue of affordable housing in Calgary keeps him up at night
Calgary Sun, February 18, 2014


UK Pre-Fab Houses to Help the Homeless
The Atlantic Cities, February 20, 2014
Y:Cube House costs only about £30,000 to produce and is very energy-efficient, requiring only £7 a week to heat.

USA Affordable Housing in New York City—What’s Next
Planetizen, February 20, 2014 
Mayor Bill de Blasio recently chose his leadership team to spearhead the goal of creating or preserving 200,000 units of affordable housing in New York City. 

USA Micro-Apartments: Boston’s Housing Solution Or Developers’ Cash Cow? 
WBUR / NPR, February 17, 2014
Boston suffers from a huge housing shortage — an estimated 25,000 units. But here, the mini-apartment craze is restrained.  A year ago, the city’s first so-called “innovation units” went up for rent. Now, a year later, there are only limited plans to build more.

USA Overcoming the Myths of the Rental Housing Market
A recent study called “America’s Rental Housing: Evolving Markets and Needs” by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard smashes myths about the rental market—of particular importance given the recent rise in rents around the country.

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