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March 8 - 14, 2014

Built in 1907, 484 Sargent Avenue has been a rooming house since 1911. In the 2000s it was boarded up and its future uncertain but in 2009 it was renovated into a duplex. A look back at the history of "Bright House".


Trends in Residential Investment in Winnipeg
March 10, 2014, CCPA
Ongoing support for affordable and social housing will be needed to ensure that units are available to low-income families in Manitoba.

Hope for the Homeless
Winnipeg Free Press, March 10, 2014
Warehousing approach to homelessness hasn't worked, but providing a permanent home might

Mental illness creates challenges for those seeking housing
CBC Manitoba, March 12, 2014 
Many people who rely on Winnipeg's homeless shelters have some kind of mental health issue, but there is not enough space to help everyone get off the streets.


Cabinet minister heads to U.S. to laud Canadian efforts on homelessness
The Canadian Press, March 11, 2014  
Canada's minister of state for social development is heading to Chicago on Wednesday to tout Canada as an emerging world leader in the battle against homelessness.

$1B Downtown Eastside plan raises concerns in Vancouver
CBC, March 12, 2014
Vancouver city council is set to discuss its ambitious 30-year plan to overhaul the Downtown Eastside today. Its goal is to reform the neighbourhood without pushing out any of the 18,500 people who call it home.

One-third of women in shelters have sought refuge there before, March 11, 2014
One in three residents of women’s shelters in Canada has used their services before, according to new research from Statistics Canada that suggests women grappling with abuse, homelessness or other domestic crises may not be able to find other, longer-term housing.

Harm reduction approach provides alcohol to chronic, homeless alcoholics
The Canadian Press, March 9, 2014
Valerie now lives at Station Street, an 80-unit supportive housing complex in Vancouver opened by the society two years ago, where a nurse or staff member provides her with an alcoholic beverage throughout the day.

Highrise hell for low-income families in Toronto
Toronto Star, March 12, 2014
It is the first attempt to define and measure inadequate housing, hidden homelessness and the risk of homelessness among families in these communities, where about half of the city’s tenants live.

Ottawa's role in Calgary's affordable housing uncertain
Calgary Herald, March 10, 2014
As the city moves ahead with drafting a new affordable housing strategy for Calgary, the federal government's role in the process is uncertain.


USA Prefab $50k Homes Could Make Outrageously Expensive Cities Affordable
Fast Company, March 12, 2014
The YMCA's Y:Cube homes are portable, cheap, and can be built in an instant. Stack them up on top of each other and you have a whole community.

S. KOREA It Takes $290,000 in Cash to Rent an Apartment in Seoul
The Atlantic Cities, March 10, 2014
No other country in the world rents housing the way South Korea does. Under the country’s unique Jeonse—or Chonsei—system, tenants lend significant chunks of money to landlords in lieu of rent. (Jeonse is usually translated as “key money.”)

Mid-Rise: Density at a Human Scale, March 12, 2014
All growing cities must find ways to develop at appropriate, transit-supporting densities without overwhelming the surrounding context. The human-scaled, mid-rise building can be a solution—but achieving a good neighbourhood “fit” is not easy.

UK A London Housing Project With a Notoriously Bad Image Fights Back
The Atlantic Cities, March 12, 2014
Aylesbury's 7,500 residents eventually pressured the Southwark council to ban filming on the property, but not before one television station produced a short clip that still irks residents 10 years later. 

INDIA Govt housing projects fuelling juvenile sexual crimes? 
The Times of India, March 13, 2014
According to NGOs, even though sexual crimes committed by juveniles aren't frequent, one or two out of every 10 crimes of various types are committed by them and the home atmosphere has been found to play a crucial part.

USA Gentrification: In Portland, as in Spike Lee's Brooklyn, a complicated question of race and class
Orgeon,  March 7, 2014
Gentrification is broadly defined as the mass displacement of a group of people that occurs as a result of revitalization. It can be caused by practical changes – higher rents and property taxes, say – or more subtle cultural changes.


David Suzuki: Canada's success depends on investing in municipal infrastructure
The Straight, March 11, 2014
Although many Canadian cities are booming, their ability to survive and thrive in today’s hyper-connected, globalized economy depends on being competitive enough to attract investment and acquire and retain skilled workers from around the globe.

Growing an Urban Neighbourhood one store at a time
NPR, March 6, 2014
Across the country, communities stranded in food and retail deserts are asking how they can enjoy the bounty afforded to other urban centers. One Washington, D.C., community thinks it might have an answer.

Meet the woman who refused to sell her home, and the mall that built around it, March 13, 2014

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