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March 29 - April 4, 2014

The Peace Tower

In June 2013 Peace Tower housing complex opened it Chinatown. It provides 48 affordable housing units geared towards newcomer families.


ACC and Habitat for Humanity announce partnership on housing
Westman Journal, April 2, 2014]
Assiniboine Community College, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba and its local Brandon chapter signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see students at the college building one home a year for the non-profit organization.

Affordable Seniors' Housing Opens in Winnipeg
Marketwire, March 28, 2014
A new apartment complex located at 50 Oddy Street in the Brooklands neighbourhood is officially open. The 36 units by Westlands Non-Profit Housing Cooperative Inc. offers enhanced housing quality and accessibility for seniors in Winnipeg.


Canadian Housing Market Data So Poor Everyone Is 'Flying Blind
Huffington Post Canada, April 4, 2014
CIBC economist Benjamin Tal has an idea why no one can get it right.  The problem, he says in a new report, is that nobody actually has the necessary data to know what’s really going on. And that poses a risk to the health of the housing market.

Toronto Community Housing goes high style for low-cost homes
The Globe and Mail, April 3, 2014
by making spirited, convincing modern design a priority, TCHC also sets a good creative precedent for whatever the agency does next, and for the dwellings built by other Canadian public-sector providers. Social housing does not have to be artistically pedestrian, as it has been for too long.

Probe homeless industry more
QMI Agency, April 04, 2014
Let’s not scratch our heads too hard over how the Portland Hotel Society scandal happened.  The bigger question is, why doesn’t it happen more often? Because as it stands, many groups funded to help the homeless have little to no oversight.

Maison du Père doubles reintegration program for homeless
CBC Montreal, April 2,2014
Maison du Père has been providing emergency shelter, reintegration services, temporary and long-term housing for men in Montreal for the past 45 years.The reintegration program provides an affordable room along with legal support, health care services, free meals, laundry and internet access. 

Why Hamilton needs a community land trust
CBC News, April 02, 2014
A land stewardship community group has formed to buy up property in Hamilton and turn it into affordable housing, among other uses.  The Hamilton Community Land Trust (HCLT) will publicly launch its plan Wednesday to own land “in the name of citizens” and lease it back to people and organizations that will benefit the community

Canadian Cities Where An Average Income Will No Longer Buy You A House
The Huffington Post Canada, March 29, 2014 
Average-income families can no longer afford a detached house in more than a quarter of Canada’ largest cities, according to an analysis carried out by The Huffington Post Canada.


Amazingly, London's Property Boom May Still Have Years to Run
The Atlantic Cities, April 2, 2014
It costs twice as much to live in London as the rest of the UK, according to new data on property prices (PDF). London’s property market long ago detached from the rest of the UK, but the latest numbers crossed an important psychological barrier.

NYC mayor shifts from pre-k funding to affordable housing, April 1, 2014
His plan calls for creation of 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next 10 years.

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