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June 1 - 22, 2014

The Steiman Block / Merchatns Hotel was purchased by the province in 2012 and transferred to a coalition of social service agencies who are looking to redevelop it into a community hub featuring education, retail and housing components. Earlier this month the "Merchants Corner" website was launched to showcase the project.  For more about the history of the building.


Rooming Houses to Rooming Homes (Report and Video)
In Winnipeg's inner city, and especially in West Broadway and Spence neighbourhoods, older homes converted to rooming houses are an important type of housing for many people living on low incomes.

CMHC launches new Housing Information Portal
A new, dynamic, web-based tool, the Portal lets users meet their information needs by accessing CMHC's wealth of housing market data in one, easy location.

Winnipeg Final Report: At Home/Chez Soi project 
Canadian mental health Commission: 
This report documents the final results of the At Home/Chez Soi Winnipeg site’s research demonstration project, which examined Housing First as a means of ending homelessness for people who are First Nations, Inuit and Metis and living with mental illness in urban settings.


Crown corp. sued for $6M
Winnipeg Free Press, June 20, 2014
Last week, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corp. locked M & L General Contracting Ltd. off the site of a two-year-old renovation project on Isabel Street, between Pacific Avenue and Ross Avenue, that is to become a 60-unit apartment building for new immigrants and refugees in Winnipeg.

$30M will have 'big-time' impact
Winnipeg Free Press, June 21, 2014
Manitoba Housing and Community Development Minister Peter Bjornson also announced a $2-million pledge to the province's At Home/Chez Soi project, a Housing First initiative that currently serves more than 300 clients placed in community-based housing.

Landmark research shows Housing First approach proves effective
Canada NewsWire (media release), June 20, 2014
New research findings were released today in Winnipeg by the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Providing housing for Winnipeg's homeless first helping
CTV News June 20, 2014
 Three hundred homeless people in Winnipeg were provided homes. They were some of the most at risk people living on the street. The study found half remained in housing over several years.  A positive sign that providing housing works, say housing advocates.

Once-homeless couple now happy and housed
The Metro / Canstar, June 19, 2014
Drugs, alcohol, and homelessness were common in Rina and Andrew Hermkens’ life.  Now, they are proud renters of a West End home, living a clean, stable life they’d only dreamed of in the past.

People Before Parks
June 13, 2014, Winnipeg Free Press
Winnipeg's population needs affordable housing more than green space.

Moving past homeless: From street to shelter
Global Winnipeg, June 12, 2014
Red Road Lodge is a 44-room transitional facility providing safe, affordable housing with support service for those struggling with homelessness, mental illness and addiction. 

Winnipeg's apartment vacancy rate is 2%
Winnipeg Sun, June 11, 2014
Winnipeg's apartment vacancy rate climbed to 2% in April, up from 1.9% in April 2013

Brandon looking for affordable housing partners
Brandon Sun, June 4, 2014
Non-profit organizations could get a city lots for just a dollar — plus $65,000 in grant money — if they promise to build affordable family housing on it.  That's the deal being offered on two east-end properties that are up currently up for tender.

New report spotlights crisis in housing poor
Winnipeg Free Press, May 27, 2014
On a block dominated by its slum houses, where as many as 18 people share a couple of toilets, profound poverty and their personal chaos, the Ungers' Spence Street duplex is a model of what the next step up from homelessness can be.

From rooming houses to rooming homes, May 28, 2014
 In Winnipeg's inner city, and especially in West Broadway and Spence neighbourhoods, older homes converted to rooming houses are an important type of housing for many people living on low incomes.


Canada pledges $30M in fight against homelessness 
CBC New, June 20, 2104
Study finds giving homeless a place to live, then other supports, to be most effective solution

CMHC to return to lower-risk roots
The Globe and Mail, June 17, 2014 
The head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. is shifting the priority of the mortgage insurer to helping Canadians buy homes they need, not the bigger, pricier homes they might want.

Lessons from Vancouver in homelessness and mental illness
The, June 19, 2014
I recorded interviews and analyzed them with qualitative research methods. I found many themes, but focused on these five: distressed personal time, homemaking, management of mental health, contingencies of being poor in the DTES, and fundamental human rights.

Whitehorse mayor supports $13M affordable housing program
CBC News, June 15, 2014 
Yukon landlords and realtors oppose the program, saying the Whitehorse housing market is already over supplied, and predict a crash in the market if the program goes through.

Stuck in Condoland 
Toronto Life, June 15 2014
In a city where space is at a premium, tiny condos are the new family home. Learning to survive in 700 square feet

How rising housing prices are breeding a new form of inequality
The Globe and Mail, June 15, 2014
In Toronto, owning a home now swallows 56 per cent of household pretax income, according to the Royal Bank of Canada’s first-quarter housing affordability index. In Vancouver, it’s an astonishing 82 per cent. Across Ontario, the index has reached a 24-year high of 51 per cent.

Seniors affordable housing shortage becoming a 'crisis'
CBC News, June 9, 2014
Advocate says Calgary's growing, aging population creating 'tsunami' waitlists 

New Book: Homelessness & Health in Canada
SFU News, June 02, 2014 
Ryan McNeil, an SFU postdoctoral researcher, hopes health care providers and policy makers dig deep into a new book he has co-authored to improve health care for Canada’s approximately 200,000 homeless people.

Toronto Public Housing is crumbling in the digital world, May 27, 2014
Affordable housing in Canada's largest city is in a sorry state. And while those facilities are falling apart, the real estate boom in the city is making housing so unaffordable that the wait list for subsidized housing is exploding. At the same time, civic leadership seems to be doing little to actually solve those problems.


U.K. The new campaign for social housing is something to Shout about
The Guardian, June 18, 2014
The message of the new Shout campaign is loud and clear: put social housing back on the agenda in 2014, says John Healey.

Chicago Reader, June 12 2014
Lathrop Homes, on the western edge of Lincoln Park, has long been one of the Chicago Housing Authority's most diverse and successful properties. But today it's a shell of its former self.

Governing, June 11, 201

 The Guardian, June 10, 2014
Residents are not the scroungers they are often portrayed as, but social housing is hardly a workers' paradise. Obnoxious stereotypes should be countered with facts, not fantasy

USA Housing Affordability: A Supply and Demand Problem
June 6, 2014, The Planning Report
Drawing on his four decades of experience and on his time in San Francisco’s public sector, Witte sat down with TPR to discuss Los Angeles County’s losing struggle to meet demand for affordable housing.

USA Gentrification and High Rents—Not Quite the Same Thing
Planetizen, June 2, 2014
If gentrification caused high rents, rents would rise only in gentrifying places.

Citylab, May 21 , 2014
The average price for a home in London is now £459,000, or $773,000. 

Citylab, May 14 2014
In D.C., federal funding to renovate or maintain existing affordable housing units has been cut virtually in half.

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