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August 15 - 27, 2014

Writer/director/producer: Danielle Da Silva (2014, 17m 48s)
Three people with harrowing stories of struggle hope to change their lives for the better but only if they can break out of Manitoba’s welfare system.


Three New HOP Infill Homes for City' West End
Winnipeg Real estate news, August 22, 2014
Lori Thorsteinson, the chair of the HOP committee, said the three two-storey, fully-framed infill homes on Arlington, Langside and Maryland, will help the program eventually reach its goal of completing 100 homes in the West End for people with modest incomes.

Brian Bowman shares plan to address Winnipeg homeless
MetroNews, August 15, 2014 
ore downtown outreach workers, incentives to improve rooming houses and Winnipeg city council's official endorsement of a plan to end homelessness.


Ten Year Plans to end Homelessness, August 25, 2014
The Ten Year Plan is a planning framework that is widely used in different sectors (environment, health care etc.), is used by industry and government as a strategic planning practice with clear targets and measurable outcomes.

Would Olivia Chow's affordable-housing plan actually work 
Toronto Life, August 26, 2014
In July, mayoral candidate Olivia Chow offered a solution she says will help bridge the widening housing gap: as mayor, she would ask developers to voluntarily set aside 20 percent of new residential tower developments for low-income renters, creating around 15,000 new, affordable units over four years.

Saskatchewan partners up with feds to address affordable housing
Global, August 26, 2014
The investment of $92 million over five years will be delivered through an extension to the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) Agreement.

Mayor looks forward to second housing summit
Regina Leader-Post, August  25, 2014
Riding on the successes of a “very positive year” in housing improvements, Regina Mayor Michael Fougere is looking ahead to a second Mayor’s Housing Summit this fall.

Evictions Planning and Prevention
Homeless Hub, August 18, 2014
Usually eviction prevention programs are geared at renters but the same programs are often effective for homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Eviction prevention is seen as an ‘upstream’ solution to homelessness by reducing the number of people who become homeless.

Planning committee recommends affordable housing development charge
Ottawa Citizen,  August 21, 2014
After the introduction of the 2009 bylaw, the city phased in the collection of $189 for every single- and semi-detached home built. The charges are among those collected from developers to pay for things such as roads and transit, and the cost is usually passed on directly to consumers.

'Kick the rich out' of public housing units, says taxpayers' group
Calgary Herald, August 20, 2014
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the provincial government to change landlord-tenant legislation to allow the eviction of high-income renters continuing to live in public housing complexes.


Ireland: New model for social housing in Dublin
Irish Times, August 27, 2014
Dublin needs “public housing” not just social housing, to tackle the crisis in the supply of rental accommodation, Dublin City Council's most senior housing official has said.

USA 4 Public Housing Lessons the U.S. Could Learn From the Rest of the World
Next City, August 26, 1914
U.S. public housing is associated with failure, but it doesn’t have to be that way

USA Can Cities Ease Homelessness With Storage Units?
City Lab, August 25, 2014
Providing storage solutions for the homeless helps bring stability and dignity to their lives.

9 NEWS, August 26, 2014
If developers do not incorporate affordable housing they have to pay a fee of about half the price of an affordable housing unit.

UK Britain's housing estates a national embarrassment, says think tank
The Guardian (blog), August 22, 2014
Government urged to turn around sink estates within 10 years and demolish tower blocks deemed ‘beyond recovery’.

USA Unions, Activists Align on Affordable Housing 
Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2014
A group of New York City construction unions have forged a coalition with affordable housing activists to ratchet up pressure on Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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