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August 28 - September 24, 2014



Winter brings challenges to homeless
Winnipeg Sun, September 23, 2014 (Op Ed)
Many have housing but minimum wage will not cover all the essential expenses. The bulk of their resources are spent on rent, leaving little to nothing for food, clothing, and transportation to work.

Winnipeg housing starts surge in August compared to 2013: CMHC
Winnipeg Free Press, September 9, 2014
Winnipeg-area homebuilders pounded out more than twice as many new housing starts last month than in August of last year, new CMHC data shows.

Manitoba's Housing Affordability Stays Neural
RBC Economics (News Release), August 28, 2014
Housing affordability in M anitoba improved slightly in the second quarter of 2014 though it continued to play a predominantly neutral role on homebuyer demand in the province, according to the latest Housing Trends and Affordability Report issued today by RBC Economics Research.
CEO Sleep Out: Charity not Change
CCPA Manitoba, September 19, 2014
Housing for low-income people has not and will not be created by the private sector simply because it is not profitable. Public funding is needed.


Ontario's affordable housing wait list climbs to record 165,000 households
Toronto Star, September 24, 2014
Waiting time is as long as eight years in some regions — just as the province ponders ending homelessness.

The last accepted prejudice: the homeless in Canada
The Brock Press, September 23, 2014
Whether we’ve heard someone say them, saw them on social media or unknowingly said these things ourselves, these are common misconceptions concerning people living in poverty or without safe and secure shelter. They’re examples of “poor-bashing” that have lasting and harmful implications.

Affordable housing vital to city
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, September 22, 2014
Currently in Saskatoon, "affordable housing" starts at around $220,000 for a semi-detached house. At going mortgage rates, the monthly payment is around $1,200, which is more than what those who make an average hourly wage should be paying for housing.

Wong says Vancouver needs absentee homeowners fee
CBC Vancouver, September 22, 2014
 Past estimates have suggested 25 per cent of condos in downtown Vancouver sit empty, while rents and real estate prices are among the highest in the country.

Blue Bonnets: Advocates push for affordable housing community
CBC Montreal, September 21, 2014
Citizens join city officials to discuss what to do with site of former Montreal racetrack

How can Ottawa tackle affordable housing and homelessness?
Ottawa Citizen, September 14, 2014
The growing wait has added to calls for the next city council to take further steps to boost affordable housing and tackle homelessness municipally, as well as advocating for more money federally and provincially.
Ontario affordable housing wait list hits record high
CBC News, September 9, 2014
More than 165,000 households on the list across the province, wait time in Toronto averages 6.67 years.

Regina to count its homeless people
CBC Regina, September 4, 2014
According to a report going to the Mayor's Housing Commission today, a coalition of community groups will receive from Ottawa $1.1 million a year for five years to fight homelessness.

Canada's housing market among most overvalued in the world
Yahoo Finance (blog), September 2, 2014
Canada’s housing market is among the most overvalued in the world and “bears an unhappy resemblance” to what the U.S. housing picture looked like before the financial crisis, according to the latest data compiled by The Economist magazine.

Vancouver mayor claims affordable housing 'surge' 
MetroNews, August 28, 2014
There’s been an “affordable housing surge” in Vancouver over the past two years, according to data released Thursday by the mayor’s office that trumpets record levels of rental and social housing approvals.

Participants with mental illness, addictions thrive after being given apartments
Vancouver Sun, June 27, 2014
A five-year study that housed people with mental illness and drug addictions in apartments scattered throughout Vancouver found most participants stabilized their lives and coexisted peacefully with their neighbours.


Europe Europeans Think House Prices Are Too Expensive
International Business Times, September 24, 2014
Two-thirds of European consumers think house prices are too expensive. And just over half believe prices will rise further over the coming year.

New York: Trading Parking Lots for Affordable Housing
New York Times,  September 14, 2014
One number has been repeated over and over — 200,000 subsidized units, to be built or preserved over a decade. Mayor Bill de Blasio promised it, but has yet to explain how he’ll get there.

Washington Where D.C.'s 'New Communities' Public Housing Program Went Wrong
Planetizen, September 11, 2014
The logic of the 2004 program spearheaded by then-Mayor Anthony Williams made sense, according to Wiener: "The city would both address the chronic problems that accompany concentrations of poverty and minimize the displacement of low-income residents by allowing them to return to the sites of their former homes after redevelopment."

U.K. How to use social media to build online communities for housing residents
The Guardian (blog), September 8, 2014
Yarlington Chat, an online Facebook group, helped one local housing association engage an audience of more than 3,000.

U.K. How to make social housing a vote winner in the 2015 general election
The Guardian (blog), September 5, 2014
Building social housing is not a toxic issue for voters, but it could be more popular still if it were available to more people, says the Fabian Society’s Rob Tinker

USA U.S. unprepared for housing needs of aging population
Harvard Gazette, September 2, 2014
Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and AARP Foundation release disturbing new report.

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