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May 6 - 18, 2015

London's housing crisis - as street art !
A London renter has created street graphs throughout the capital to highlight fast-rising rents, evictions and homelessness, the chronic shortage of affordable housing and the decline in homeownership. Read more...


Help finding a perfect home
Winnipeg Free Press, May 16, 2015
Website newly launched here a neighbourhood matchmaker.

Winnipeg Real Estate News, May 15, 2015
 Hirsch added that not only is the process slower and more costly than it was prior to the condo act’s enactment, but the learning curve has caused problems for both Realtors and real estate lawyers.

Winnipeg slow to add secondary suites
Metro News, May 12, 2015
Three years after council changed zoning rules to allow for detached secondary suites — separate living units located above a garage, in a backyard or along a rear lane — only three have been developed, the property and development committee heard on Tuesday.

Happy to see rent assistance go up
Winnipeg Free Press (Op Ed - Brian Pallister), May 12, 2015
Twenty years ago, the average rent on a two bedroom apartment in Winnipeg was half of what it is today. I was convinced that something needed to be done to fix this situation. I’m proud to say that it was the first public position the PC Party took after becoming leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in 2012.

Making Homelessness History, May 13, 2015
Canada is one of the very few advanced industrialized countries in the world that does not have a national housing strategy, and for low-income people in particular the consequences are severe, and sometimes deadly.

Plans in place for senior housing
Thompson Citizen, May 12, 2015
At this point in time the project is for affordable housing but, Byer noted, if the province decides low-income housing is important, a percentage of the units will be geared towards that.

Province Launches Second Phase of Strategy to Strengthen, Expand Co-operatives
Government of Manitoba (News Release), May 12, 2015 
The Manitoba government is partnering with the co-op community to strengthen and expand the successful co-operative business model, which creates jobs and offers a wide range of products and services across the province, Housing and Community Development Minister Mohinder Saran announced today.


Housing crunch looms for low-income renters
Canadian Press, May 19, 2015
Action required from all levels of government, according to a new report from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Average house price in Canada up 9.5% to $448,862
CBC News, May 15, 2015
Without Toronto and Vancouver, average price was $339,893, an annual gain of 3.4%

Homeless Hub: York University, May 15, 2015
According to our latest report, of the over 235,000 Canadians who experience homelessness in a year, about 5000 people are unsheltered (living on the streets). It is reasonable to wonder, what with so many services available, why some unsheltered people would “choose” to remain so.

Can we make city more affordable? 
Vancouver Sun (Op Ed), May 15, 2015
To lessen the housing burden on younger families, residents must be more willing to accept changes to their neighbourhoods, government needs to look for ways to say yes to new and more varied development, and the development industry must collectively put more emphasis on neighbourhood context rather than fighting height.

Yellowknife homelessness 'worse than Toronto' 
My Yellowknife Now, May 14, 2015 
Homelessness in Yellowknife is worse than in almost any area of Canada, according to visiting experts – but the city is on the right track.

The trick Medicine Hat has used to almost eliminate homelessness? Giving homeless people homes
The National Post, May 13, 2015
In 2009, Medicine Hat launched an ambitious five-year plan to eliminate homelessness based on the 'housing first' principle. 

House prices off peak levels in every urban market but Vancouver, Toronto
CBC News, May 13, 2015
Toronto, Vancouver prices flatlined in April, but Teranet index still nudged higher 

Medicine Hat is about to end homelessness - but then what?
Calgary Herald, May 12, 2015
Clugston, a self-described fiscal conservative, was initially skeptical of the plan, but since becoming mayor in 2013 he’s championed the initiative and today he’s the unlikely face of ending homelessness in Canada.

Canada's Housing Crisis 'A Failure of All of Us'
The Tyee, May 5, 2015
Time to put affordable homes on the federal agenda, say advocates. First in a solutions series.


AUSTRIA A lesson in providing affordable housing
South China Morning Post, May 17, 2015
Vienna may offer an example to Hong Kong in how to supply cheaper homes, according to Austria's consul general in the city.

USA With Crises Looming, New Housing Chief Lays Out Her Strategy
Washington City Paper, May 15, 2015
Of all the crises facing the incoming administration of (Washington D.C.) Mayor Muriel Bowser this year, the direst was homelessness. The spike in family homelessness that took the city by surprise in the winter of 2013-2014 grew even worse this past winter, spurred largely by the vanishing supply of affordable housing.

USA San Francisco Says Airbnb Is Making Its Housing Crisis Worse
CityLab, May 15, 2015
Between 925 and 1,960 housing units in the city are sitting vacant so they can be rented out through the service, says a new report.

UK Could a UK politician ever vow to bring down house prices?
BBC News‎ May 12, 2015
Once British politicians promised to keep property prices low. Now homeowners expect the value of their houses to move ever upwards. Are Westminster governments of whichever party now obliged to let house prices always rise?

USA The Case for Giving Homes to the Homeless
CityLab, May 11, 2015
It might seem obvious, but in lots of cities it's also proved quite effective.

USA Granny is in the garage
Bloomberg News, May 9, 2015
The city is being squeezed by an aging population, poverty and housing costs. One in seven Philadelphians are already 65 and older, a number projected to grow 24 per cent by 2020. Most want to stay in their own homes. Many are poor. And money for social services is tight.

CHINA How do you solve a housing crisis? Study the example of Singapore
The Guardian, April 30, 2015
Singapore went from one of the worst housing shortages in the world to 90% home ownership. UK politicians can learn from its forceful approach

UK Where Can I afford to live tracker
BBC News, April 29, 2015
Whether you are house-hunting or just daydreaming, try using this calculator to see where in the country you could afford to live - and would it be cheaper to rent or buy?

USA The surprisingly simple way Utah solved chronic homelessness and saved millions
The Washington Post, April 17, 2015
That conversation spawned what has been perhaps the nation’s most successful — and radical — program to end chronic homelessness. Now, more than a decade later, chronic homelessness in one of the nation’s most conservative states may soon end.

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