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August 1 - 19, 2015


Housing market's 'high risk' in Winnipeg puzzles local real estate agents
CBC Manitoba, August 13, 2015
CMHC singles out Winnipeg, Regina and Toronto for overbuilding and overvaluation. 


Organizations call for affordable housing strategy in Canada
Global News, August 18,2015
A local Saskatoon organization is joining the call for a nationally-funded affordable housing strategy in Canada.

Mulcair Fears 'Terrible Surprise' In Store For Housing Market
Huffington Post Canada, August 17, 2015
Tom Mulcair has added his voice to those growing concerned about the possibility of a correction in the housing market. But the NDP leader would not say if he would take regulatory steps to cool the housing market if elected.

Why targeting foreign homebuyers may not improve affordability, August 16, 2015
Stephen Harper knows foreign buyers in Canada’s housing market is a hot issue even beyond Vancouver. Now what?

Cheap mortgage rates don't justify home ownership
The Globe and Mai, August 16, 2015
The question of whether it’s better to buy a home or rent needs some fresh thinking.  Rents have been rising and mortgage rates are so low they almost look fictional. Have the economics of housing turned against renting?

Nunavut's social housing faces billion-dollar shortfall
CBC News, August 15, 2015
More than 3,000 households in Nunavut are estimated to be homeless and waiting for g​overnment-assisted housing, according to the Nunavut Housing  Corporation.

Housing market risk 'high' in Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina, CMHC
CBC News, August 13, 2015
Canada's housing market is in no danger of a correction nationally, but that's not the case in Toronto, Regina and Winnipeg where the CMHC says there's a "high risk" of a slowdown.

Cities to see ‘significant increase’ in federal funding cuts for social housing
Metro News, August 13, 2015
Canadian cities will start seeing a “significant increase” in the withdrawal of federal affordable housing funds starting in the next two years, as decades-old agreements draw to a close, says an Ottawa community housing leader.

How can we incentivize building low-end rental housing?
The Homeless  Hub, August 10, 2015
Due to increasing affordability problems with owning housing, many people continue to rent (about half of residents in Toronto and Vancouver). Regardless of whether a person rents or owns, housing is a basic human need and social determinant of health, so we need to increase its supply and affordability.

Renting among the rich 
The Globe and Main, August 7, 2015
As housing prices rise and vacancies remain scarce, group-rented mansions are popping up all over Vancouver.

Former Vancouver jail to reopen as social housing this month
Global News, August 6, 2015
The bars have been replaced and the cells have been retrofitted; the jail, now a 96-unit affordable housing development.

Social housing needs more federal support, Vancouver candidates say
The Globe and Mail, August 5, 2015
Almost two decades after Ottawa downloaded much of the responsibility for social housing onto the provinces, candidates campaigning in one of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods say the federal government needs to be more involved in housing the country’s most vulnerable residents.


U.K. Sky-high London rents prompt calls for new controls on landlords
The Guardian, August 19, 2015
With many Londoners paying at least half their salary in rent, politicians say urgent measures are needed to prevent a ghettoisation of the capital.

ISRAEL Four years after tent protests, hope in short supply for would-be homebuyers
Times of Israel, August 18,2 015
It costs 148 monthly salaries to buy a home here, compared to 76 in France and 66 in the US. Prices rise 6% per year. Desperate young Israelis are leaving the country. What’s gone wrong, and why can nobody fix it?

U.K. End of the Red Road: residents mourn Glasgow's high-rise dream gone wrong
The Guardian, August 18, 2015
After several false starts – including a controversial plan to blow them up on television during the Commonwealth Games – Glasgow’s notorious Red Road flats will finally be demolished, leaving mixed emotions.

USA Renting in America Has Never Been This Expensive
Bloomberg Business, August 13, 2015
Los Angeles residents are now spending half their income on rent.

AUSTRALIA Melbourne researchers propose 'smart' apartment market
ABC Melbourne, August 9, 2015
A new report suggests cutting property developers out of future development may result in more affordable, better quality apartments.

USA ‘Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning’: The Dullest, Most Important Phrase in New York
New York Magazine, August 5, 2015
Could there be a more soporific or cryptic string of words than mandatory inclusionary zoning, the new rallying cry in the fight to make New York a place where New Yorkers can afford to live?

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